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At Yamabujin Goshin Jujutsu: Yama: term for mountain and Bujin: term for divine, Spiritual warrior. we strive to empower students to tackle challenges and take on new experiences. Below you’ll find the information you need about our courses, our team, or our methodology. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us today.

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About Our Martial Arts School

 Yamabujin Goshin Jujutsu, Go: War, Defense, Shin: Spirit, Protection, Jutsu: Art has had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills in Japanese and Hawaiian Martial Arts. We specialize in Nihon Ryu Goshin-Jutsu, Dan Zan Ryu Ju-Jutsu and Kajukenbo Goshin-Jutsu. We provide a wide range of courses to support students from all backgrounds and levels.

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Yamabujin  - Kai  Is Associated With The Following Organizations:


International Combat Aiki-Jujutsu  Federation*

Goshinkan International Hombu    Dojo*

Sentou-Ryu Sogo Budo Rengokai *

Sei Kosho Shorei Kai International *

Hawaiian Martial arts Association*

Kilohana Martial Arts Association

Martial Arts Collective Society

Ordonez Kajukenbo Ohana *

Kempo International *




*  Life Member

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Yamabujin Instructor Spotlight

Ross Tremayne Kyoshi, has been practicing martial arts since 1976.

He holds the rank of 7th Dan, (Shichidan) and the title of Kyoshi in Nihon Ryu Goshin -Jutsu with Goshinkan International Hombu Dojo and International Combat Aiki-Jujutsu Federation. 4th Dan (Yondan) in DZR Jujitsu with AFJ, 4th Dan in Sentou-Ryu Jujutsu and 1st Dan (Shodan) in Kajukenbo Goshin Jutsu with Guangxi Ch'uan Kajukenbo. Recognized 6th Dan (Rokudan)  with AJJF,  AJI, Kempo International and Hawaiian Martial Arts Association. Training in  CQB and Firearms tactics with the Halo Tactical Group. He also holds rank in Haak Lung Chaun-Fa, and Yachigusa Ryu Aiki Bugei. He is the west coast representative for Goshinkan International Hombu Dojo, International Combat Aiki-Jujutsu Federation and director of communications with Kilohana Martial Arts.


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